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Elise Woodcock has worked for over 25 years in the health care and health education setting as a registered nurse,  midwife, educator, trainer and instructor.  As a midwife she was impressed by the wellness aspect of the profession and has used that ethos in a broader professional sphere working in preventative medicine.  Born in Scotland, she has also lived and worked in England, Australia, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Especially as an expat, Elise fully comprehends that a 'can do' and 'just do it' attitude is crucial to moving forward and ensuring a purposeful and fulfilling life.  During her years in Saudi Arabia she fine tuned that mindset and fully learnt to appreciate thinking outside the box, providing amazing opportunities for herself and her family of 3 children.  

Elise believes in and lives by the concept of lifelong learning and healthy living, she understands that it enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, relationships and health.  Elise has helped people learn and grow in various countries across the world now.  With regards to personal wellness, she knows 
that change must be internally motivated and encouraged by self for it to flourish.  She believes that life causes people to reach new conclusions and states of being, and everyone's 'path' and 'flow' is particular to that person.  Her knowing is that each person intrinsically has his or her own answers; bringing them to light, supporting them and encouraging them is her passion.  "It is a thrill facilitating people to reach their goals, whether that is a woman settling into motherhood, someone achieving a learning outcome, or a person reaching a new state of wellness, ultimately it's about believing in self."

Elise's Qualifications:

Bachelor of Nursing (University of Wollongong - Australia)
Master of Science (Midwifery) (University of Wollongong - Australia)
Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Training (University of New England - Australia)
Basic Life Support Certificate (American Heart Association)
Neonatal Intensive Care Certificate (American Heart Association)
Basic Life Support Instructor Certificate (American Heart Association)
Certified Workplace Wellness Specialist (National Wellness Institute - USA)

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